Harvest Safety


Harvest is a busy time of year for farmers.  Everyone is rushing to get their crops out before it snows, but it can also be one of the most dangerous times for farmers and their help.  Here are some tips that can help you through the harvest.

1. Driving- Drivers don't think about farmers harvesting their crops during this time of year. At night or even dusk, make sure your lights are on and flashers going if you're on the road.  When driving your semi, give yourself a generous amout of stopping time, turn signals on a good 5-10 seconds before turning and stop at stop signs.

2.Proper sleep and nutrition- Try to get a least seven hours of sleep each night. Drink plenty of water and bring snacks along with you in the cab.  It will keep the stomach ache down and it will stimulate the brain.

3. Bin Safety- Augers can be extremely hazardous if not treated with respect. Make sure you aren't stepping over the PTO, and teach young kids to go around it. Wear an air mask when you work with crop dust. It may not harm you now but it could harm you down the road. 

4. Additional help- Anyone that is helping during harvest whether it is someone bringing food out, kids or additional semi and cart drivers have them wear bright clothing so you can notice them alot better.  

5. Equipment- Have a good fear of your equipment. If you have young kids around remove equipment keys even if it's turned off for just a little bit.  Kids watch adults and can get themselves into dangerous situations when you're busy elsewhere. Make sure your equipment is parked before anyone leaves the equipment. Too many accidents happen when equipment is at idle. 

We hope this information will help you during your harvest. Commercial State Bank wishes you have a safe and profitable harvest this year!