Switch Kit

Open a new Commercial State Bank account.

Stop by the Commercial State Bank location nearest you and visit one of our customer service representatives who can assist you in opening your new account. If it’s more convenient, call us to get the process started. We'll talk with you to find the best bank accounts and services for your needs.

Stop using your existing bank account.

Allow approximately 10 days for all of your checks to be cleared. Destroy all of your existing unused checks, deposit slips and ATM/Debit cards or bring them in and we’ll shred them for you.

Change all of your direct deposit.

Use the enclosed form, AUTHORIZATION TO CHANGE DIRECT DEPOSIT, to authorize the change in accounts. Make sure you include a voided check or deposit slip from your new account and we will handle the rest for you!

Change all of your automatic payments.

Use the enclosed form, AUTHORIZATION TO CHANGE AUTOMATIC PAYMENT/ WITHDRAWAL, to authorize the change in payments. Make sure you remember all automatic payments set up online, we can help you set-up new, free online bill payments.

Close your existing bank account.

Use the enclosed form, AUTHORIZATION TO CLOSE ACCOUNTS, to authorize the closing of your existing bank account(s). If you have a remaining balance, your existing bank will send you a check.