Banking Services

Cashier's Checks

Customers, for remittance purposes, may purchase checks drawn upon the bank to meet certain obligations.

Night Deposit Service

Convenient location for deposits after business hours.

Notary Public Service

Several officers of our bank are commissioned by the state to take acknowledgments or proof of instruments in writing and to certify the same under their seal.

Personal Money Order

Customers, for remittance purposes, may purchase money orders to meet certain obligations.

Safe Deposit Boxes

For the safekeeping of securities, contracts, wills, insurance policies, jewelry, and other valuable documents and property. Safety deposit boxes can be rented at the bank for a small annual fee. Boxes come in a variety of sizes at each Commercial State Bank branch. Please call or stop in for specific details! *contents in the safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured.

Wire Transfers

The transfer of money to a distant point for immediate use through another bank.