Commercial State Bank was originally chartered on November 30, 1925 by the Department of Trade and Commerce, Bureau of Banking.  The bank is at the same location of the original charter.  A.H. Banks, Leonard Johnson and G.E. Swanson were elected directors of the new Commercial State Bank.  A.H. Banks was elected as president of the bank.  In December 1925, the assets and liabilities of the old Commercial National Bank were purchased by Commercial State Bank.

The Commercial State Bank has been an integral part of the community through the years.  The bank has promoted business development in the community as well as encouraging crop and livestock production throughout the area.  The staff and bank directors have focused on providing leadership in the community and making numerous contributions for community projects. 

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519 East Broadway
Wausa, NE 68786
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Monday – Friday: 9AM – 3PM
Saturday: 8:30AM – 11:00AM
Sunday: Closed

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